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20th Dec EA by Bro. J. Munn IPM


3rd Jan FC by Lodge Prince of Wales 426

17th Jan MM by Bro. M. Campbell WSW

7th Feb EA by Bro. T. Johnstone PM

21st Feb FC by The Lodge of Erskine 1566

6th Mar EA by Bro. G. Campbell PM

20th Mar MM by Bro. J. Colvin PM. Secy.

3rd April FC by Bro. T. Richardson PM. Treas.

17th April MM by Lodge Barns o’Clyde 1018

1st May EA by Bro. T. McColl PM

9th May 75th Anniversary Re-Dedication

15th May FC by Lodge Moorpark 1263


4th Sept MM by Bro. G. Alexander PM. WJW

18th Sept EA by Bro. D. Brown PM

2nd Oct FC by Lodge Georgetown Cardonald 1170

16th Oct MM by Bro. G. Gray PM

6th Nov AGM

20th Nov MMM by 1405 PMs

5th Dec Installation.



23rd Jan FC at The Lodge of Erskine 1566

5th Feb MM at Lodge Georgetown Cardonald 1170

25th Feb EA at Lodge Prince of Wales 426

9th Apr MM at Lodge Barns o’Clyde 1018

5th Apr FC at Lodge Moorpark 1263




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