Friday 17th May – FC Degree by Lodge Paisley St Mirrins 129 – 7.30 PM


Friday 6th September – MM Degree by M. Campbell WJW – 7.15 PM

Friday 20th September – EA Degree by Bro D, Balfour IG – 7.30 PM

Visitation: Thursday 26th September – MM Degree at Lodge Barns O Clyde 1018 – 7.30 PM

Friday 4th October – FC Degree by Lodge Georgetown 1170 – 7.30 PM

Friday 18th October MM Degree by Lodge Moorpark 1263 – 7.15 PM

Friday 1st November AGM – 7.30 PM

Friday 15th November – Mark Degree by 1405 PM’s – 7.30 PM

Saturday 7th December – Annual Installation – 3.00 pm

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