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Past Masters

Role Of HonourPast Masters role of honour

1945-46 Bro James MacKay
1946-47 Bro George Thompsom
1947-48 Bro Frederick Boswell
1948-49 Bro James Garrity
1949-50 Bro Willliam Boswell
1950-51 Bro James Crawford
1951-52 Bro Willliam Burnside
1952-53 Bro Mathew Pettigrew
1953-54 Bro Rev William Drysdale
1954-55 Bro George Foster
1955-56 Bro Robert Troup
1956-57 Bro Walter Syme
1957-58 Bro James Harvey
1958-59 Bro Archibald Sommervile
1959-60 Bro Robert Arnott
1960-61 Bro Alexander Boswell
1961-62 Bro Joseph Holland
1962-63 Bro John Litterick
1963-64 Bro Robert Aithison
1964-65 Bro James Loudon
1965-66 Bro William Bain
1966-67 Bro Peter Patterson
1967-68 Bro Archibald Campbell
1968-69 Bro Henry Lindsay
1969-70 Bro Willliam BuickPast Masters role of honour
1970-71 Bro Joseph Purdie
1971-72 Bro Edward Smith
1972 -73 Bro James Robertson
1973-74 Bro Gregor Smith
1974-75 Bro William Wells
1975-76 Bro Willliam Green
1976-77 Bro Lyle Stalker
1977-78 Bro George Burns
1978-79 Bro William Drennan
1979-80 Bro Charles Hill
1981-82 Bro Stuart Burns
1982-83 Bro Archibald Murray
1983-84 Bro Ian Storie
1984-85 Bro Willliam Connell
1985-86 Bro Ian Sinclair
1986-87 Bro James Methven
1987-88 Bro William Campbell
1988-89 Bro William Ferguson
1989-90 Bro Calllum Donald
1990-91 Bro Gordon Finnie
1991-92 Bro Ross Henderson
1992-93 Bro Brian Lobodzinski
1993-94 Bro Thomas Richardson
1994-95 Bro Steven Howie
1995-96 Bro Alexander Balling
1996-97 Bro Gavin Alexander
1997-98 Bro Craig Reston
1998-99 Bro Gavin McInnes
1999-00 Bro James Colvin
2000-01 Bro James Coulter
2001-02 Bro Brian McGregor
2002-03 Bro George Gray
2003-04 Bro Philip Lardner
2004-05 Bro David I. Smith
2005-06 Bro Douglas K. McEwan
2006-07 Bro Donald M. Robertson
2007-08 Bro Gordon K. Campbell
2008-09 Bro Thomas McColl
2009-10 Bro John Gallacher
2010-11 Bro Dale Drennan
2011-12 Bro Henry McDonagh
2012-13 Bro Richard Smith
2013-14 Bro Duncan Balfour
2014-15 Bro Robert Kerr
2015-16 Bro Crawford A. Nimmo
2016-17 Bro Derek Brown
2017-18 Bro Tommy Johnstone


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