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Lodge Insignia

The Lodge Insignia is depicted at the top of the page and in this graphic.1405 crest

The symbolism used in the badge is as follows:

Saltire cross on a blue background denoting a Scottish lodge.

Sheaf of corn in the top quadrant denoting the agricultural industry around Inchinnan and district.

Rivers in the eastern quadrant denoting the three rivers in the area. The Clyde, The Black Cart and The White Cart.

Gravestones in the southern quadrant denoting the Templar gravestones in St Conval’s Kirkyard, Inchinnan.

Perfect Ashlar in the western quadrant denoting the existence of the the former brickworks in Bishopton and local stone quarries.

There are many other symbols and insignia within Lodge Inchinnan and on pieces of regalia and items to be found in the lodge museum located in the Masters Room. These will be added to the website in the days ahead when we are able to photograph and catalogue the many items that have been accumulated over the the past 70 plus years.

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