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The birth of Lodge Inchinnan can be attributed to the growing community in the village of Inchinnan. Several brethren of different lodges formed a Masonic social club with a view of keeping the brethren together and eventually forming a lodge in the community.

The club was founded in 1931/32 under the chairmanship of Bro Dugald McCallum P.M. 1242, Bro Maxwelll Brown MM362 (Secretary) and Bro William Watt 1263 (Treasurer).

The social club met until the outbreak of World War II in 1939. Nothing was done until the club met again in 1943/44 more determined than ever to seek the privilige of forming their own lodge.

Lodge Inchinnan was formed during the austerity ridden days of post war Britain. Most of the founder members of the lodge were servicemen returning from their duties owed to King and Country in the defeat of the Axis Powers during World War II.

india tyres inchinnan

These men having fought through six yeares of war were returning to their homes and families and to their former places of employment, India Tyres of Inchinnan, Babcock and Wilcox, boiler makers in Renfrew, the R.O.F. in Bishopton and other local firms. The main workplace for the founders being the India of Inchinnan tyre plant.

In October 1944 the signatures of 74 brethren as founder members together with a list of proposed office bearers of the lodge to be known as Lodge Inchinnan with the colour of blue was gathered. The petition was forwarded to the Provincial Grand Lodge of Renfrewshire East seeking the privilege of a charter for the new lodge, the petition being sponsored by Lodge Craigends No 1042, and Lodge Georgetown No 1170.

The petition was considered by PGL in April 1945 and granted by the Grand Lodge of Scotland in May 1945. The lodge was consecrated on 8th September 1945 with the ceremony being held in Renfrew Town Hall.

Provincial Grand Lodge was Opened, Passed and Raised by R.W.P.G.M. Bro Thomas Hart, the consecration of the ceremonythen took place following which Provincial Grand Lodge was closed. Folllowing a brief recess Lodge Inchinnan No 1405 was opened in the first degree by the PGM and RWM Bro James Stuart Mackay was placed in the chair of the lodge.

The office bearers were then installed and the lodge closed. Bro Mackay was installed for a further term of office in December 1945 along with the office bearers.

As no carpets could be procured at the time, the first carpet was made of rope and painted in the form of a chequered carpet by Bro Duncan McCallum and was used for many years. Most of the lodge furnishings were donated by brethren and sister lodges from the province, and all of the office bearers jewels were made and presented by Bro Frederick Boswell (PM 1405). These were later replaced by Bro Robert Troup PM, and are in display in the lodge museum.

The first regular meetings of the lodge were held in the vilage primary school gymnasium. Bro George Thompson succeeded Bro Mackay as RWM and was a source of strength in the setting upof a “Building Fund” with the express objective of building the lodge its own temple.

A piece of land in Luckinsford Road in the village was purchased by the lodge and construction of the temple was started. A gold leaf foundation stone was unveiled by the Provincial Grand Master of Renfrewshire East, Bro Robert Mcmenemy. The temple being opened and dedicated on 17th May 1958.

old temple Lodge Inchinnan
The original Temple at Inchinnan 1405
members lounge Lodge Inchinnan
Now the Members Lounge – windows on the left filled in

An extention to the lodge was built in 1974 to provide a larger lodge room and a function room for social occasions.

Lodge Inchinnan

Lodge Inchinnan

Lodge Inchinnan

Lodge Inchinnan has formed many strong links with sister lodges during its history and we thank all of the lodges both within and outwith the province for their kind support and help in assisting us to attain our present position in the great work of Freemasonry, more especially the following.

  • Lodge Craigends 1042

  • Lodge Georgetown 1170

  • Lodge Prince of Wales 426

  • Lodge Caledonia 392

  • Lodge Moorpark 1263

The first two lodges above having sponsored the original application and provided 38 of the founding members. It is noted that all reigning masters since the inception of the lodge have each and all filled their office with credit to themselves and to Lodge Inchinnan. Each successive master has on receiving the charter played his part in establishing the traditions of the lodge. They were the leaders for their allotted time and placed in a position of trust and responsibility to rule and direct, indeed there is no record to question this for the edification of others to follow.

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