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Masonic Lodge 1405

Welcome to Lodge Inchinnan 1405

Freemasonry at Lodge Inchinnan

Welcome to the masonic website of Lodge Inchinnan 1405.  We hope to provide a taste of masonic history, the traditions of freemasonry, and current events happening within the lodge in addition to highlighting masonic beliefs and practices.

The masonic lodge is situated in the village of Inchinnan on the A8 west of Renfrew, in Renfrewshire in the West of Scotland. 

Regular masonic meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Fridays of each month from September till May at 7.30pm. The annual installation of Lodge Inchinnan Office Bearers being held on the Saturday following the 1st Friday in December.

Visiting freemason brethren are more than welcome to attend any of our regular masonic meetings subject to the usual criteria of admission.

The R.W.M and brethren of Lodge Inchinnan 1405 will make you very welcome.

Lodge Inchinnan update.
Good morning Brethern, I hope this finds you well and safe.
As you know, the Covid 19 virus, is still running amok throughout the Country.
As a direct result, the lodge remains closed, for ALL Masonic meetings, lets and functions are also banned.
The good news is! The bar can open with strict adherence to social distancing guidance. We are open on Sunday Evenings from 7pm to 11pm. Masks must be worn, as directed by the Scottish government.
Although the bar is open, the income is very small and does not cover the running expenses of the lodge. We are approaching the time when the heating has to be turned on, to prevent damage to the building and obviously comfort for patrons.
Unless we get more support, by attendance, perhaps allowing us to open on a Friday as well. I’m afraid we will descend into the red very quickly indeed. If you can help in anyway please do so.let us know if you want the bar open on Friday evenings or days when Football can be watched.
Lodge News.
Test fees are now due, Grand Lodge has advised that all lodges must pay the fees as usual.
To assist you here is the sort code and account number to allow you to pay your dues direct.
Sort code. 80 18 44
Account number. 00205413
Brethern, I have to inform you that our WSW Malcolm Campbell has resigned his office. This leaves us in a precarious position.
We cannot have Nominations, AGM or Installation this year. Grand Lodge has given advisement that Office bearers should if possible, remain in office meantime. I shall remain in office only for how long it takes for someone to be Nominated, Elected and Installed in my stead.
I hope all other office bearers follow suit.
Unfortunately, we cannot replace the WSW until we have a proper meeting in the lodge. This leaves us a Trustee short.
I have informed the PGL of our predicament. The Lodge will continue with the remaining trustees, tending to the business of the lodge.
I have learned, that Zoom meetings for General Committee cannot take place unless absolutely necessary. e.g. A brother in hardship needing immediate assistance. As a result, no GC meetings will be held on zoom. I was informed of this by PGL.
Brother David Lauder, as you know has difficulties in getting about. He had a mobility scooter, but unfortunately it has broken down.
The scooter owned by the lodge, which was donated to us by the family of late PM Jim Coulter and replaced by PM Dunky Balfour
had now been loaned to David for to use as long as necessary.
Well brethern, that’s all the news. The future of the lodge is in your hands, it would be a great pity to loose out now having managed to pay off £50,000 in the last couple of years. This winter will make or break us. We have no resources to keep going. You can help by coming to the lodge or setting up a monthly donation. If you had it, would you give it?
Set aside any differences you may have within the lodge.
Yours Fraternally
Harry McDonagh

An Update from Bro. Secretary is now on the Lodge blog page.

Brn. even although we are still lockdown Test Fee are now due £40.00 these can be paid by sending a cheque to the Bro. Treasurer at Lodge Inchinnan 10 Luckinsford Rd, Inchinnan, PA4 9QN.

Due to ongoing situation with the Corona Virus and the on the advice of The Grand Lodge of Scotland all meetings are cancelled until further notice.

 Brethren stay safe, keep well, and follow Government advice.
Any updates will be published on the website & social media.

A short report on Friday’s 6th March EA Degree is on the blog page.

Social Club fees now due, please see social club page for details.

The RWM’s proposed visits for the next fortnight are now on the blog page.


A few Installation pics loaded in the gallery area for viewing and a message from the RWM below.


Installation Lodge Inchinnan 2019

Absolutely brilliant!

Thank you to all who attended especially my Installing Masters, Jim Colvin P.M. and Tommy Richardson P.M., Worshipful Wardens Malcolm Campbell P.M. and Gavin Alexander P.M. Not forgetting those who filled the offices and with special thanks to those who took up office for the first time. I hope you all enjoy the forthcoming year.

Looking forward to 2020 I hope to see some positive changes in the Lodge. Financially we are almost back to an even keel and thanks go to all who made that possible.

Sister Lodges

Eastern Star and individuals who supported us without hesitation your help saved us.


I intend to keep in touch with all brethren by using the Lodge website. Details of all meetings (home and away), General Committee and Social Events will be posted. I will let the brethren know when I am visiting on a weekly basis with an open invitation to join me.

The reintroduction of the Annual Golf Outing and Kids Xmas Party are high on the list of things to do.

2020 is the 75th Anniversary of the Lodge with a re-dedication of the Temple and Regalia and carried out by the PGLRE on Saturday 9th May. A good turnout would be appreciated.

Our first meeting is the E.A. Degree by the I.P.M. with Lodge Prince of Wales No 426 first footing on 3rd January 2020.

You can help by attending meetings and supporting the Lodge




Fraternally Yours

Harry McDonagh R.W.M.

RWM Bro Harry McDonagh


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